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Mid-Year Tanker Market Update


Navigate the most challenging market cycles with confidence.

Overview                                                    $600.00

The Mid-Year Tanker Market Outlook Update provides an outlook for monthly spot market freight rates and TCE revenues for 21 major tanker trades on eight vessel segments for the second half of the year and the remaining four years of the forecast period.  All projections are based on market performance from the first half of the year (will publish August 7). 

Key Content:

  • Global Outlook Themes
  • Oil Supply and Demand Outlook
  • Tanker Tonnage Demand & Supply
  • 2017 Year-to-date Market Performance
  • Bunker Price Development
  • Short-Term Outlook (2H 2017)
  • Modifications to 2017-2021 Forecast
  • Evaluation of McQuilling Forecast Performance
  • Analytical Appendix
  • Over 200 Figures/Tables