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Market View Advisory Service

We provide a Market View© service to clients in the form of an ongoing current dialogue related to the tanker shipping industry and marketplace. Focused on activity in the spot transportation markets, we will also comment on relevant issues in related areas such as the period charter markets and asset markets.

This Market View© service is provided in a recurring format through periodic written reporting supplemented by current discussion of topics related to the tanker market. Frequency and focus of reporting and dialogue will be established according to client requirements. Telephone consultation is arranged on a mutually agreed schedule. We will also send any relevant material developed in-house that we think would be useful regarding understanding current market dynamics and/or drivers in the tanker industry and respond promptly to client inquiry.

Our Market View© Service is available as an annual subscription for a mutually agreed price. Please contact us to fully discuss
your requirements and obtain a quotation for services.

Price: As Quoted

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