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Industry Note No. 9 - Mid-Year Tanker Supply Update pdf

Global tanker supply is the one of the key factors that influences the spot market. Freight rates have exhibited weakness in recent years due to an oversupply of tonnage relative to demand, specifically for the larger dirty tankers and MRs. However, improved economic growth led by advanced economies and energy demand stimulated from low oil prices, has helped to absorb excess tanker supply. In our recently published 2015 Mid-Year Tanker Market Outlook, we examined tanker supply by looking at this year’s orderbook as well as the current delivery/exit profiles for each of the eight vessel classes.

Industry Note No. 8 - Mid-Year Tanker Market Outlook Scorecard pdf

As a supplement to this year's 2015 Mid-Year Tanker Market Outlook, we've developed an "Outlook Scorecard," which provides a snapshot of previous market behavior as well an updated forecast for 2015. The one-page format makes it a perfect desk reference that can be used throughout the rest of the year.