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Industry Note No. 3 - 2016 Tanker Market Outlook Scorecard pdf

As a supplement to this year's 2016-2020 Tanker Market Outlook, we've developed an "Outlook Scorecard," which provides a snapshot of previous market behavior as well as 2016 forecasts. The one-page format makes it a perfect desk reference that can be used throughout the year.

Industry Note No. 2 - Back in Business - the Iran Effect pdf

The removal of sanctions levied against Iran is likely to impact global tanker trading patterns. Traditional Iranian customers in Southern Europe and Asia have moved expeditiously to execute supply agreements. The return of Iranian supply to Southern Europe will likely compete with Iraqi production while Japan’s shift to Russia in recent years may be put in jeopardy. India’s appetite for Iranian crude may pressure similar grades from the Caribbean, which in-turn may re-ignite traditional short-haul trades in the Atlantic Basin.