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McQuilling Brasil Serviços Marítimos, Ltda. is a logistics services enterprise focused on marine transportation and located in Rio de Janeiro, the center of the oil and gas industry in Brasil. As part of the McQuilling group of companies, we have a long history of service and commitment to the shipping industry.  

The primary focus of McQuilling Brasil is to provide our clients with solutions to their marine transportation logistics challenges related to global seaborne transportation. We accomplish this through the provision of a wide range of services, covering numerous areas in the industry and associated businesses. Our approach is to develop and provide products and services based on specific client requirements, data, and the systematic employment of quantitative methods. We bring individually crafted solutions to our client’s needs.

We employ a collaborative business model where we combine experienced internal resources with exceptional industry partners from around the world to produce a team of directed experts. This model creates a targeted, content-rich knowledge and experience base to serve our clients needs cost effectively.

We believe the success of McQuilling Brasil lies in our ability to accurately identify client needs and to apply our unique internal expertise and worldwide relationships to bring successful closure to their business transactions. A diverse and flexible organization close to the marketplace is key to meeting the changing needs of our clients in a business environment that is today characterized by ever-increasing complexity and competitiveness.

Services Provided

McQuilling Brasil is staffed by experienced industry professionals and benefits from the global network of McQuilling companies. We offer our clients support in the following areas and encourage requests for specific projects or unique services.

For directed research efforts, we work collaboratively to identify client needs and craft an itemized work scope and compensation acceptable to the client. In this scope we clearly identify what work will be included, what won't be included, when we will deliver and how much it will cost. Upon authorization to proceed, we progress the project with regular communication and interaction with the client on the status of the work and any changes in direction or scope.

We deliver the agreed work scope on time and continue to provide client support after delivery to insure the work meets the requirements of the client.

Industry Sectors: Tankers; Dry Bulk; Container & General Cargo; Rivers & Harbors; Offshore Services; Rigs & Floaters; Shipbuilding & Ship Repair.
Activities & Services Provided: Commercial Advisory (management consulting, opportunity analysis, etc.)  Strategy development and implementation, organizational design, and process improvement; Industry analysis, business modeling, and enterprise valuation needs
Financial Advisory: sourcing funds, sourcing projects for funding, structuring transactions, etc.  Financial markets analysis and transaction origination, negotiation and support needs

Logistics and marine transportation systems analysisSupply logistics optimization, fleet composition, coverage analysis, and voyage economics to client needs

Market Research: Historical analysis and forecasting for shipping, commodities and associated markets

Project origination & management

Brokerage: freight, S&P, newbuilding, ship repair

Technical support services: marine superintendence, owner's representation, drydock supervision

Personnel Training: Maritime industry seminars directed to client needs