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McQuilling Services is a business consulting enterprise focused on marine transportation.  We have a long history of service and commitment to the shipping industry.  Our  vision is to be recognized as a world-class firm by our collaborators, competitors and clients.  To achieve this vision, we have steadfastly conducted our activities according to the following guiding principles:

  • Our business is conducted to the highest ethical standard
  • Our efforts are focused on consistently delivering professional, reliable and personal service to our clients
  • Our success is achieved through working together as a committed team with our clients

Our promise to McQuilling clients is that we will work diligently to deliver a product that meets or exceeds expectations.  We will be forthright in our discussions of work scope, deliverables and compensation and we will respect and uphold the confidentiality that our clients may require. 


The primary focus of McQuilling Services is to identify and convey solutions to the commercial and logistical challenges of our clients related to the global seaborne transportation of goods. Our approach is to develop products and services that are specifically designed to meet individual client requirements. 

We believe our success lies in our ability to accurately identify clients' needs and to apply our unique internal expertise and worldwide relationships to bring successful closure to their business transactions.

Management Consulting

                                                                  Selected Previous Work

Strategy Planning

• Created strategic plans for various shipping companies

Organizational Design

• Carried out organizational restructuring and alignment studies for shipping and manufacturing companies

Business Plan

• Developed business plan in support of IPO for a major chemical carrier company

Work Processes Analysis

• Conducted a comparative investigation of organizational structures and processes for a marine transportation function of a major oil company

Fleet Coverage Advisory

• Performed marine transportation requirements coverage advisory for major liquid and dry bulk shipping companies

Fleet Renewal Planning

• Provided advisory services for strategic planning processes and fleet replacement programs for various shipping companies


Market Research & Business Development

                                                                                    Selected Previous Work

Market Scanning

• Conducted market scanning evaluation of new business    opportunities in South America for major US shipping  company

General Cargo Analysis

• Conducted market potential studies analyzing general cargo global trade potential for mid-sized shipping company

Forecasting Shipping

• Internationally recognized freight forecasting publication for the tanker market used by major oil companies, owners and others

Equipment Availability

• Conducted availability analysis and acquisition activities for ULCCs for FSO/FPSO conversion on the behalf of a  major oil company

Business Opportunity

• Conducted business opportunity analysis for deployment of OBO carriers between the Arabian Gulf and Atlantic Basin for investors

Business Concept

• Evaluated liquid bulk sector short sea fleet deployment business concept for major Middle East shipping company


Marine Logistics Analysis

                                                                             Selected Previous Work

Infrastructure Assessment • Conducted infrastructure assessment of US marine terminals in support of shipping company deployment strategy
Supply Logistics Modeling • Developed marine supply logistics models for new terminal facilities in the Middle East, US and Southeast Asia for investors
Logistics Optimization • Developed economic/logistic/financial optimization model for general cargo shipping line; tanker shipping company
Marine Systems Analysis • Conducted marine transportation systems analysis and logistics optimization for a refining company's raw material supply
Multi-Modal Logistics
• Carried out multi-modal logistics analysis investigating least-cost option among transportation chain alternatives shipment of soil aggregate
Fleet Deployment

• Developed deployment optimization model for easy chemical carrier fleet


Ship Construction & Repair Advisory

                                                                                Selected Previous Work

Technology Transfer Advisory • Analyzed new construction market and ship production technologies of world-class and developing shipyards for major tanker owner
Preliminary Vessel Design • Managed development of preliminary design for large RORO/LOLO vessel concept for diversified shipping company
Shipyard Concept
• Developed planning concept and business case for new construction tug and barge facility for South American waterway
New Shipyard Project

• Project manager through concept and feasibility stages for major ship repair yard project in South America

Shipyard Representation

• Shipyard representative and marketing agent for US East Coast repair yard

Ship Production Seminar • Co-organized and developed ship production and technology transfer seminar with the University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil 


Client Support

                                                                       Selected Previous Work

Personnel Training • Conducted multi-day training events at client sites and multi-client events offsite; hosted clients on-site for intensive training seminars
Industry Conferences & Seminars • Internationally recognized presenter at industry events; co-organized industry seminars in the US, Brazil and Singapore
MLISA © • Designed and managed the development of proprietary market intelligence system to support commercial and operational activities
ICARUS © • Designed and developed proprietary data management system to streamline the capture, storing, retrieval and reporting of information
Market Intelligence

• Using MLISA and ICARUS, we produce an array of periodic reporting