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McQuilling Brokerage Partners Asia Pte Ltd, was formed in 2004 with the merger between McQuilling Brokerage Partners, Inc. (USA) and Pacific Link Shipbrokers Pte Ltd to better serve our clients in the East.  This collaboration has enhanced the company's ability to cover all aspects of the liquid bulk movement markets within the Far East region. Today, the McQuilling Brokerage group is a privately held firm specializing in the marine transportation of crude and petroleum products for a global client base. With vast commercial experience in the international tanker markets, we provide professional, reliable and personalized services to our clients from offices located globally. 

We pride ourselves on a comprehensive global contact network, combined with an integrated information system, provides the basis for our market intelligence. Active participation in international marine forums ensures up-to-date knowledge of current industry issues as well as representation of client interests.

Tanker Chartering

The Chartering Group represents an extensive collection of experience and international backgrounds. On average, brokers have well over ten years of commercial experience and many over twenty. Several languages are spoken fluently in the group. Many members of the Chartering Group have previous experience with oil companies, shipping companies or have seagoing backgrounds.
McQuilling is actively involved in filling tanker transportation requirements for the U.S. oil majors, independents, most national oil companies and international trading firms. We are also closely aligned with U.S. and international tanker owners and work to secure profitable business for them. We offer our clients support in spot or period chartering of vessels for the transportation of hydrocarbons and post-contract operations and communications related to vessel chartering. Concluding several contracts daily, the Chartering Group stays abreast of the rapidly changing global oil and tanker markets through a worldwide contact network and integrated information management system.
Through its sustained performance over the years McQuilling has obtained the confidence and commitment of major charterers worldwide including integrated oil companies, trading companies and producers. This is further evidenced by membership on broker panels or inclusion on broker quote lists including: CPC; Kuwait Petroleum Corporation; PTT; Petronas; Shell; Chevron; Gunvor; Unipec; British Petroleum and Itochu.
McQuilling has provided longstanding continuous support to the international tanker owning community to secure profitable employment and has significant relationships with all the major tanker owners worldwide.

Sale & Purchase

The Sale and Purchase, Projects and Consulting Group consists of several core members with additional resources provided by senior members of the company.  Considerable combined experience resides in the group and includes commercial ship brokerage, business management, naval architecture, marine engineering, finance, ship scheduling, operations and ship handling.
The Sale and Purchase group in Singapore maintains a flexible organization designed to meet the changing needs of the business environment and our clients. We offer expertise across a broad range of subjects such as: sale and purchase of marine assets, including newbuilding and resale, merger and acquisition of marine organizations and/or assets, financing supply including traditional ship financing, structured arrangements and leasing.
Our sale and purchase brokers have business relationships with many major financial institutions and investors. Our portfolio of financial sources provides our client base with a broad spectrum of financial and investment capabilities spanning the public and private, debt and equity markets. The sale and purchase group also works with many Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese new construction shipyards directly through our newbuilding desk.  We also have relationships with other shipbuilding centers around the world for the development of new building projects in the shipping sector.

Operations & Administration

McQuilling operations and support staff are involved in all aspects of voyage execution and post-contract activities. Through efficient internal systems and attention to detail, operational communication is timely and accurate, as is charterparty administration and freight invoicing. We provide demurrage claim management as part of our comprehensive post-fixture support and arrange for bunkers as a service to clients.

Research and Consulting

McQuilling Services - Singapore was established in 2012 to provide market research to the chemical tankers and dry bulk shipping markets.  Our experienced staff combines the resources of the existing Services team in New York and the McQuilling Partners network of worldwide offices to support our clients' needs.  Other services offered include:

  • Commercial Advisory
  • Business Consulting
  • Project Origination and Management
  • Financial Advisory
  • Logistics and Marine Transportation Systems Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Personnel Training

McQuilling Energy Brokerage Asia Pte Ltd

McQuilling Energy Brokerage Asia Pte Ltd is an oil broking firm dealing in fuel oil , iron ore (joint venture) and petrochemical swaps and physical cargoes. We also deal in ex wharve and delivered bunker.

McQuilling Energy Brokerage Asia Pte Ltd has a long-standing mutual and equity partnership with
McQuilling Brokerage Partners Asia Pte Ltd.