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In 2007, the Lima office was established to serve as the primary headquarters for all of our Latin American activity.  In these locations, our personnel have strong relationships with local charterers and owners with the ability to provide solutions and support for various maritime transportation and logistics scenarios. 

Research and Consulting

McQuilling Services Latin America was established in 2012 and provides marine transportation advisory services and research in the Latin American region.  The Group's objective is to complement existing research and consultancy services provide by the New York, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro offices, while increasing region-specific market research, analysis and client support.

McQuilling Services Latin America combines experienced staff in the region with the resources of existing Services teams as well as the McQuilling group of companies worldwide.  Services provided include:

  • Commercial Advisory
  • Project Origination and Management
  • Financial Advisory
  • Logistics and Marine Transportation Systems Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Personnel Training