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McQuilling Partners Group Announces Cooperation Agreement with Vale, S.A. in Support of Ship Repair Initiative in Paraíba, Brazil

Sept. 8, 2014

The new yard represents a US$ 700 million investment in infrastructure to serve the maintenance and repair needs of the world merchant fleet, in close proximity to major shipping lanes in the south Atlantic basin.  Two large drydocks and one ship hydrolift/transfer facility will focus on the drydocking and repair needs of merchant vessels in Brazilian coastal trades; those importing and exporting to/from Brazil; and vessels passing through the south Atlantic basin, enroute to other ports.  A substantial portion of this market is comprised of bulk carriers.

Celso P. Souza, project manager for the BBDC, voiced his support for the cooperation agreement with the mining giant:  “We look forward to those insights on global bulk shipping and ship repair, which we think will be fully elaborated by a direct dialogue with Vale.  We believe the EDPI ship repair yard will benefit considerably from a direct cooperation with Vale.”

“Vale stands apart as a unique entity for us, well-established in Brazil, and with a reach well beyond the borders of Brazil.  Direct cooperation with Vale recognizes the importance of their global perspective with regard to repair requirements of both proprietary vessels and third party vessels calling at Vale installations.” said David Saginaw, Commercial Director of McQuilling Services, “We value highly the opportunity that cooperation with both Syndarma and Vale, S.A. brings to this project.”