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McQuilling Partners Group Announces Signing of Cooperation Agreement with Syndarma

Sept. 2, 2014

Celso P. Souza, project manager for the BBDC, expressed his enthusiasm for the cooperation agreement with Syndarma:  “Syndarma has a rich history of representing the interests of the domestic maritime industry community since its inception decades ago.  The BBDC project is focused on addressing the needs and requirements of this community and this agreement will help to facilitate a productive dialogue to achieve this aim.”

“The vision of the BBDC is to implement a modern, world-class ship repair facility in Brazil, serving an international and Brazilian client base of ship owners and operators” said David Saginaw, Commercial Director of McQuilling Services, “To have the chance to cooperate with Syndarma at this stage of the project in order to help insure clients of the EDPI yard are well-served is a unique opportunity for which we are grateful.  We look forward to a constructive relationship going forward.”

For more information, please visit www.EDPIshiprepair.com