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Taking Advantage of McQuilling.com

July 11, 2017

McQuilling’s website strives to provide users with the necessary tools and information within the company’s broad maritime expertise in order to assist individuals through our six main website sections: About, Products & Services, Industry Tools, Locations, News Headlines, Blog, and McQuilling TV. Each section has a specific ability to assist users, although premium content features are only accessible by registering on our website. Registration is completely free, and the majority of our premium content is complementary to our registered users. We suggest that all users create an account in order to access our company’s premium content, as well as contact details for our staff.


“About” provides website visitors with a broad view of who we are as a company, our role in the maritime industry, and how we can assist clients in need of maritime expertise.  Additionally, this tab informs users about the different departments of McQuilling Partners (Tanker Chartering, Sale & Purchase, Services, etc.), and how each department provides support. We also supply background information about some of McQuilling’s regional offices, and what those offices specialize in. Visiting the “About” tab is most useful to clients who are determining which McQuilling service to consult for any business needs, as well as those who have interest to see why McQuilling is one of the most highly regarded services companies in the maritime industry. For more company information, we encourage users to visit McQuilling’s LinkedIn page.

Products & Services

“Products & Services” consists of several different features for website users, all of which are produced by McQuilling Services. The five sections of “Products & Services” are Reports & Products, Services, Industry Notes, Podcasts, and Presentations.

Reports & Products includes all of McQuilling’s various reports, as well as the “Deployment Dashboard” and “Routes Calculator” products. Our reports cover a large range of maritime activity, whether it be a review of the tanker market over the past week, an outlook focused on what to expect in the industry going five months forward, or a forecast of what McQuilling believes may occur within the next five years. The “Deployment Dashboard” is used to calculate voyage economics of the global deployment of vessels, while the “Routes Calculator” is used to calculate TCE revenue for over 20 provided trade routes.

Services presents the different ways in which clients can utilize McQuilling Services as marine transportation advisors, ranging from providing market advisory services through McQuilling’s knowledge of the tanker shipping industry to custom shipping seminars administered as a 3-4 day training course. McQuilling Services provides customized research, analysis, and advisory to our clients.

Industry Notes consists of specific market analysis on trending market topics produced by McQuilling Services. They are intended to provide readers with in-depth insight on the current factors influencing the global shipping market. All industry notes are complementary to registered users.

Tanker Podcasts allow users to listen what drove the market across eight vessel classes over the past week in a five minute overview of spot, period and sale and purchase. All tanker podcasts are complementary to registered users.

Market Presentations are downloadable presentations from various industry events such as Intertanko, the Tanker Shipping and Trade Conference, and the Houston Shipping Conference. The presentations cover topics ranging from outlooks on the tanker freight markets to the FPSO Global Markets and ship repair in Brazil. All market presentations are complementary to registered users.

Industry Tools

“Industry Tools” is where users can access features provided by McQuilling which are used to assist individuals with industry-related calculations. All Industry Tools are complementary to registered users. 

Voyage Economics Calculator: Calculates revenues, costs and TCEs for pre-loaded and user-defined voyages.

Acquisition Calculator: Computes the daily financing cost and time charter equivalent cost from a set of pre-defined inputs.  It can also be used to estimate discounted cash flow project economics for a wide variety of user-defined investment assumptions.

Pre-Construction Interest Calculator: Calculates the opportunity cost of pre-delivery progress payments from a set of user-defined inputs.

Loadable Quantity: Computes estimated loadable quantities at specified drafts