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Take Caution: Ebola Overview

Sept. 18, 2014

In what’s being described as the largest and deadliest outbreak in history to hit West Africa, the current Ebola epidemic has claimed the lives of roughly 2,400 people as of mid-September, according to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO).  With the first known human case reported in Guinea, the virus has since spread to Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone (Figure 1). 
Figure 1: Ebola Outbreak Distribution Map*

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
*as of September 6, 2014

There are also a few known cases reported in Senegal; however, one of them, a 21-year old student who had visited recently Guinea, is said to have recovered.  Further to this, as of September 10, WHO reports indicate there have been 62 cases reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; however, they are said to be unrelated to the original outbreak in Guinea. 
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